Breeder: Pensom Family Birmingham Rollers


A strong, fast and frequent Penson Birmingham Roller.

Top Notch Spinners are all Pensom rollers, only 4-5 generations from Bills stock. Bill Pensom bred 3859, 3757, 6164 and all were champion spinners. Top Notch Spinners (all Doucetloft birds) are decendants of 3757, 3859, 6164, 495, 4780, 9393 and 2072.

All Doucetlofts birds are bred from quality breeders that have proven themselves in the air to spin tight, spin correctly and are frequent.

This family has been bred to world class excellence in high velocity spinning. All birds are critiqued and judged based on the 30 point system of judging spinners used by the PRC and originally the SBRC.

I would like to thank Herb Sparkes and Bruce Copper for all the help they have given me, and especially my mom and dad for instilling in me the value of education and hard work!


Thanks to Bruce Cooper and Herb Sparkes for the wisdom and insight they bestowed upon me.